Wholesale Netbooks

Wholesale netbooks are an excellent way to make money. Take advantage of a growing trend in budget, portable mini laptops - a market expected to grow 10 fold in the next 4 years!

Did you know?

> Netbooks outsold iPhones in 2008

> Netbook sales are expected to reach over 50 million per annum by 2012, thats a ten fold increase over 2008

> Mobile computing and mobile internet is a growing trend

So we've found some useful links to share with you. Please note these are for trade only:

1) The Wholesale Pages

2) Argos Clearance Auctions

We are in talks with a UK distributor offering exceptionally discounted wholesale laptops and netbooks. They're based in Birmingham where they also have a collcetion office allowing you to visit them in person and collect stock.

You can buy with confidence from a VAT-registered and Companies House-registered business with a registered open office for your protection and reference. The firm complies with all UK Trade and Distance Selling laws.

Unlike other wholesalers and distributors who may require you to set up a formal trade account with a minimum spend per month - our contact offers a no-obligation scheme. So whether you're looking for new suppliers to try out, or are just entering the business - it's obvious we have the right choice for you.

They can also offer dropshipping - where the wholesale ships straight to the consumer (white-label) on behalf of the retailer - which is great for start-ups and maintaining a positive cash-flow. This is particularly useful with £1k Sony VAIO laptops!

E-Goods Make Money


Given that most manufacturers restrict the distribution according to country, our wholesale contact can only ship within the UK. If you know any wholesalers who can deal in other countries - please do use the Contact Us page to inform us!


Why can't we release more details now? The companies site is still in beta, and they're currently ironing out several problems including bugs. As a result, use of the site is restricted and password-protected at the moment. As soon as more details are available to general users and trade buyers, we will inform you.

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