What Netbook would You Buy?

Samsung NC10

As I already have a number of Netbooks and regularly get to see the new ones it's a trickier question to answer than it may appear at first.

Of the netbooks I have the Asus 901 still suits my needs the best. For me, and this is a personal choice, nothing that has come out since really betters it enough to make it worth shelving for a newer model.

I have updated it's storage to a very fast SSD and it now runs Windows 7 but these are things I would think beyond most of the visitors to my site.

If I didn't have a netbook and was buying for the first time then, personally, I would buy anything in the top half of our Top Ten Mini Laptops – if of course I had unlimited funds and time. Sadly, that remains a pipe dream for today so in reality my choice of netbook would be restricted.

The Sony VAIO P Series is perhaps my ideal choice, although it’s high price – no matter how many ways I’ve tried to get around it – is a bit of a turn off.

Recently, Samsung have unveiled their NC110 which incorporates their new LED technology they’ve also installed in their latest televisions. However, the even newer Samsung NC310 is an entirely new design – kind of like a pebble – with a glass LED screen and a large and comfortable keyboard.

Still, potentially on the horizon lies the prospect of an Apple 'MacBook Nano' (click for pictures) which could have some very exciting features. Rumour has it a scaled up ‘iPhone’ type device with Mac OS X could be on sale at some point in the future.

Should I be setting money aside?

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