What is a Netbook?

what is a netbook

So what is a netbook? A netbook or mini laptop is a small notebook computer with a screen typically 10.5 inches across or less.

Examples of netbooks include the Samsung NC10 or Acer Aspire One.

Netbooks are designed around three ideas – to be small, cheap and light.

Aside from screen size, generally Netbooks are thinner, lighter and more compact than larger Notebook computers. This can lead to some uncomfortably small keyboards and interfaces – although if you buy carefully netbooks that have decent size keyboards then this won't be a problem.

The small size leads on to the lower weight, with most Netbooks weighing in around one kilo. Larger batteries and screen sizes lead to slightly higher weights, but they shouldn’t weigh much more than a mid-sized diary.

In terms of cost, netbooks are much cheaper to produce – they’re smaller, use simpler components such as purpose-built Intel Atom processor and simpler operating systems – either open-source and free Linux or Windows XP – older than Microsoft’s flagship Vista operating system.

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