Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Vodafone mobile broadband were one of the first network providers to offer a FREE mini laptop contract, cosying up with Dell and it’s Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Whilst the netbook itself is pretty ‘middle of the range’, Vodafone offers the most comprehensive network in the UK and an excellent value mobile broadband package from only £20 per month.

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>>> Visit the official Vodafone forum and get your questions answered

Small Business Mobile Broadband

Vodafone for Small Business also offers contracts tailored to small business owners. Mobile broadband is particularly useful in keeping in touch with your head office, latest online deals and news when out and about meeting clients and partners. What’s great is that the contract lengths are typically only 30 days, so you don’t find yourself stuck bleeding extra cash when a better offer is available.

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