The Toshiba Mini Laptop Range

The Toshiba Mini Laptop range delivers dependable and reliable netbooks with the quaility you would expect.

Toshiba is one of the worlds largest companies with a huge portfolio of products including semiconductors, televisions, domestic appliances, nuclear power stations and of course laptops and netbooks.

It doesn't seem inclined to lead the field with it's product launches seemingly content to sit just behind the bleeding edge and then deliver well thought out quaility machines that will sell based on it's brand image and agressive pricing rather than any stand out or exceptional features.

The exception to this may be the new NB200. Although most of it's features line up one for one with its rivals the full size keyboard and the brilliant battery life (2 of the critical features of a netbook) mark it out as a contender for the best 10 inch mini laptop available.

Toshiba Netbooks

Toshiba NB100

Standard 9 inch netbook fair. There is nothing wrong particularly wrong with the NB100 but on the other hand there is nothing outstanding. It's not the prettiest of beasts and while good value it's probably the brand name that will sell it. The brand name and the quality and reassurance that goes with it are probably the only things that differentiate it from it's competitiors.

Toshiba NB100

Toshiba NB200

This is more like it. While Toshiba seems to be playing safe in the netbook world in that like the NB100 there isn't any stand out feature on the NB200, with the spec being largely the same as it's competitors, they have worked at improvements where they matter for a netbook.

A very good, large, keyboard rivalling the best of the rest and a fantastic 9+ hour run time from it's standard 6 cell battery push it right up there into the top choices for a 10 inch mini laptop.

Toshiba NB200

Reviews of Toshiba Netbooks

Toshiba NB100 - It's a Toshiba. If that's all the reason you need to buy this netbook then fine, it's not a bad decision, but there are better models from other suppliers.

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