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Sony VAIO P Series

Why It's Our Winner For July 2009

This Sony VAIO mini laptop is our top netbook and best notebook computer for many reasons. It's less than 2cm thick and only slightly larger than an office envelope, it comes with a world of features including 3G Mobile Broadband, inbuilt GPS, Windows Vista, battery life of up to 8 hours, SSD storage of up to 128GB and amazingly weighs less than 640g!

Despite the fact that Sony insist on calling it a 'lifestyle PC' this Sony mini laptop fits the requirements for a netbook computer perfectly.

Although you can see the fact that it's at the top end of the notebook scene, not just in desirability, size, form and function, it's also at the top end in price terms as well. However if you want the sexiest netbook around at the moment and have the cash to spend this is the one!

Official Sony Video of it's 'Lifestyle PC'

Offering unparalleled features and portability, the Sony VAIO mini laptop or 'lifestyle pc' went straight to our #1 spot in our Top Ten Mini Laptops back in February 2009.

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Who Missed Out...

Samsung NC10

Although a great mini laptop, it lacks the portability of the Sony and battery life. Unlike the Sony however, it’s available on mobile broadband contract from O2.

HP Compaq Mini 700

Again, there are some great features to the Compaq mini laptop, but there are a few rough edges, namely the battery life, slim touchpad and only having 2 USB ports (so if for example you had it on contract, you’d use one for the USB modem, one for a memory stick and then you’re stuck..). Still, it boasts one of the best keyboards we’ve come across.

Asus Eee PC 901

Previously our top netbook for December 2008, the Asus Eee PC is in our view the best 9 inch mini laptop. It’s also available on contract with an embedded sim with Orange.

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