A Samsung Netbook
The New Leader in the Netbook World?

A Samsung Netbook is generally a well designed, feature rich machine that won't win prizes for looks but does provide very good value.

Starting with the NC10 Samsung made a bit of a splash on the netbook market launching a machine that put them right at the head of the pack with their first effort.

Since then Samsung have extended the 'N' series with the N110, N120, N140, N310 and a number of other models. All show minor improvements over the NC10 but nothing outstanding. The NC10 still remains a great buy if you can find one at a discount price but one of the newer models is the one to go for depending on your particular needs.

It's unfortunate but Samsung do seem to be catching what I would call 'AsusItis'. They seem to be throwing a large number of very similar models on the market with nothing much distinguishing them between the various models. Even on Samsung's own site if you look at and compare the technical specs you are hard pushed to find any difference.

All these models sell at different price points and unless you can see why that is it's hard to come to any sort of decision as to what too buy.

The current favourites in the Samsung range would be the N110, N120 or N140 with not a huge amount between them. The N140 probably has the edge but only if the price is close to the other two. Take care when buying as specifications seem to vary widely from the published specs depending on the country your in and even the day of the week!

Hopefully our outlines below and our review will help you with your choice.

Samsung Netbooks

Samsung NC10

Samsung have done their homework well. The NC10 has nothing bad about it. 6 cell battery as standard, good quality usable keyboard and plenty of storage space with it's 160Gb drive. It's possibly a bit plain in the looks department but it's a small sacrifice to pay for everything else you get. It's good value as well coming in a less than you might expect for such a complete package.

Samsung NC10

Samsung N110

The Samsung N110 is essentialy a reworking of the NC10. The NC10 itself was a great effort and possibly the best 10 inch netbook available at the time. The Samsung N110 improves on the NC10 with improved touchpad and increased battery life. If you can get a bargain NC10 then fine but otherwise the N110 is the new leader in the Samsung range.

Samsung N110

Samsung N120

Pretty much the same specs as the N110 except the keyboard is larger, approaching full size. Slightly less battery life but still good and on a par with the NC10. If you need to churn out lots of text while you are on the move then the N120 probably wins out as being best for your needs.

Samsung N120

Samsung N140

Within just a few short months they release yet another great Samsung Netbook. This time the improvements are largely incremental over the N110 and N120 but the battery life is outstanding.

Samsung N140

Samsung N310 or Samsung Go!

Almost identical on specs to the N110 and but with new funky styling! The Samsung N310 (Samsung Go! in the USA) is packaged in a pastel coloured slightly ruberised casing perhaps making it a little bit more robust and hard wearing than typical glossy models. It's a good looking design although one that may polarise opinion. Initially priced at a premium level it's pricing seems much more realistic recently and on a par with the N110. If you like the looks over those of the N110 then it's a good solid buy.

Samsung N130

Reviews of Samsung Netbooks

Samsung NC10 - Well specified and ticking all the netbook boxes the NC10 was the best 10 inch netbook available until the N110 arrived (see below).

Samsung N110 - A refresh of the NC10. Even better than it's older brother with exceptional battery life. The new number 1.

Samsung N140 - Seemingly a minor upgrade on the N110/N120. Even better battery life than the N110/N120 but not many changes elsewhere. Can you have two number 1's?

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