The Samsung N140

The Samsung N140 Netbook from the front

So here it is the Samsung N140. It seems like just a few months ago Samsung were updating their range of netbooks with the Samsung N110 and N120 effectively replacing the Samsung NC10. Oh.. it WAS just a few months ago. So why you may ask do we now have the N140?

More Improvements from Samsung?

It's a good question and on the face of it hard to see the reason. While the N110 and N120 were welcome upgrades over the NC10 there really doesn't seem to be a lot extra coming from the Samsung N140.

Once again manufacturers websites to nothing to help. The Samsung official specs basically say the N140 is exactly the same as the N110/N120 apart from being fractionaly smaller in width (at least that's something).

Once we got an N140 in our hands the differences become a little clearer.

The Samsung N140 Netbook from the rear

The case of the N140 have been redesigned and while pleasing enough it's still not up there with the best of the netbooks. It looks ok though and has slimmed down in overall size compared to the N120 so is even more portable than before.

The fine quality keyboard and great display are still there although the display is still of the reflective type as opposed to the NC10's matt finish so unnwanted reflections may be an issue if you intend to use the netbook in the open air.

The N140 gets Draft N wireless conectivity and also bluetooth (although according to the US Samsung information it doesn't so watch out for specification differences.) The built in webcam is now only 0.3 megapixel instead of the previous models 1.3 megapixel so there is at least one downgrade in specification compared to the N120.

The N140 ships with a 250g hard drive in the US and 160g hard drive in the UK and is also now available with Windows 7 Starter Edition as well as Windows XP. Although Windows Xp appears to be a fine OS and a big improvement on Vista you should be aware that performance seems a little slower then XP.

Maybe the most worthwhile enhancement is the 5900mah battery which Samsung claim will give you upto 11 hours run time. In our tests we managed to get 9 hours 23 minutes of real world usage (browsing, email, word processing and video watching). This is truly great performance and elevates the N140 into the top netbook bracket.

The Saumsung N140 Netbook from the Side


You might be able to tell that we are scratching around trying to find something new to say about the N140. Apart from the fantastic battery life there is nothing new and nothing special about the N140 over the N110 and N120. Which you buy is probably going to come down to price unless you need those extra hours away from the mains or you need the higher resoloution webcam of the others.

Although this unfortunately applies to all netbooks a special warning is required with regard to specifications of the Samsung N140.

A glance around the net will show you many conflicting reports of the Samsung N140 specifications and these include the various country specific versions of the Samsung website which contains a few contradictions and has several things plain wrong.

Whether this is by accident or design, who knows but I suggest you take extreme care to check that the model you are considering purchasing is the specification you want and has the features you need. Always make sure you are comparing like with like when deciding what to buy.

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