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The One laptop Per Child foundation is a cause in line with future thinking. At, we believe in education and its role in the future, bringing knowledge and new skillsets. Education however isn't so freely available in some countries

In third world countries where aid gets poured in, is that really a sustainable, long term answer? Can we keep giving the solution, instead of giving the oppurtunity to the locals to come up with a solution. Whilst aid can and often is a necessity, how about "giving" education - and if so, how?

Mini laptops, in particular the XO laptop is a very viable, purpose built solution to this problem. It's robust, cheap and intuitive. So we’re throwing our weight behind it too, supporting this drive to educate children in less fortunate positions.

Here's the plan

XO laptop

The OLPC “sells” it’s XO laptops with it’s Give One, Get One scheme it runs with Amazon, where the buyer receives an XO laptop and another XO is given to a child. We pledge to put all our commission from your purchases from the Give One, Get One scheme on Amazon towards our own mass donation fund, another method of giving the OLPC offers, where you can participate in bulk buying in their Give 100 or Give 1000 scheme.

With this scheme, OLPC can get more laptops cheaper and we can specify a particular school where the laptops can be delivered if we wish. So you can join in with helping change children’s lives directly through your own purchases and indirectly through us. Each donation of 100 or more laptops also includes spare parts, participation in workshops, and on-line technical support.

If you feel like you're ready to change a childs life, please click on the link below where you'll be directed to and the OLPC page.

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We also plan on offering our own fundraising, particularly in the South of the UK where we are based. We’ll be posting updates. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our progress on our project.

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A brief summary of what the OLPC is all about.

Hopefully we’ll be able to document the entire project from fun fundraising to smiling faces to potentially watching young adults graduate. Who knows? That’s part of the excitement.

We also plan on accepting donations for this cause in the near future. Stay tuned! Subscribe to our RSS feeds, newsletter and our blog for more information.

If you feel like you're ready to change a childs life, please click on the link below where you'll be directed to and the One Laptop Per Child page.

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