Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte founded and chairs the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ non-profit organization. He is currently on leave from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, which he also founded in 1985 and chairs.

Nicholas entered the world of writing when he invested in the new Wired Magazine and contributed to a monthly column between 1993 and 1998. He expanded his ideas from Wired into a new bestselling book, "Being Digital" , published in January 1995, where he explained his vision of how the world of entertainment, information and interaction would eventually merge. He analyzes the pros and cons of future technologies and attempts to map out where technology is heading – in his view a world where everything is digitalized from newspapers and entertainment to relationships and family life.

Nicholas Negroponte is also on the board of directors at Motorola Inc. He also partners with a venture capital firm who specializes in digital technologies.

He first started linking computers with children in the developing world in 1980s when together with an MIT computer scientist Seymour Papert, he went to a school Senegal to hand out Apple II Microcomputers. Later in 2002, he was in Cambodia providing laptops to children whilst also teaching them their first English word; - ‘Google’.

These experiences, coupled with his own forecast of the future of digital technology convinced him that laptops could play a huge role in educating the third-world. By November 2007, XO laptops were in mass production and were in use worldwide a month later.

Our Vision for One Laptop Per Child is to participate in the "Give 100" scheme where we run fundraising with an aim to bulk buy XO laptops and have them delivered to children via the OLPC.

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Nicholas Negroponte talks about the One Laptop Per Child Foundation.

You can donate a laptop through the One Laptop Per Child foundation, or alternatively take part in the Give One, Get One scheme in which the buyer receives an XO laptop themselves as well as giving one to a child.

NOTE: This item is due to be released on January 15, 2009

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