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We All Like to Save Money

I’ve compiled a few ‘out-of-the-way’ sources of saving money on laptops, peripherals and if you like… everyday goods. Please do enjoy them and use them.

1) Secrets on finding cheap laptops at online auctions - safely!

We expose the security risks and dangers behind eBay/PayPal and show you safer, cheaper, alternative auction sites.

2) Secrets on finding very cheap laptops outside of online auctions

Prefer not to spend your time bidding at auctions? We reveal a way around finding very cheap laptops, quickly, easily and everyday.

3) Secrets on finding *free* netbooks

Free is a very powerful word – we show you what free laptops and netbooks are available everyday. But we also show you the cost behind it, even if you’re not ‘paying’ for the laptop in monetary terms.

4) Secrets on finding wholesale laptops and netbooks for resale

Most laptop and computer distributors will require you to set up a trade account and commit to a minimum spend per month, often in the region of several thousand pounds - not very useful for earning a little on the side.

We've got UK wholesale and drop-ship contacts we can put you in touch with if you want to build a small or medium sized laptop resale business - something to pay those bills eh?

We All Like to Make Money Too!

So I’d love to share with you all how I made this website and my own profitable online business. I guess you’re probably thinking websites are complicated, technical things – and you’d be right. But you don’t have to be a web genius who knows html code like the back of your hand to build a website.

Not convinced? Google, Yahoo, MSN all provide “free” click-and-drag type sites. Apart from looking unprofessional, they don’t make any money (for you, the ads on it are for the free web host) and it’s not a viable long-term solution.

Site Build It! from SiteSell

I discovered Site Build It! (SBI) when I was searching for simple website packages. I wasn't a complete web novice as I had dabbled before but I new nothing about building an online business. If I hadn't found SBI I am quite sure I would have eventually created a lovely website but no one would ever see it and it would never had made any money.

SBI opened my eyes to fact that putting up a website is a very small part of building an online business that will succeed.

SBI provides an all-in-one package including tools, training and tips to produce a profitable online business. It also doent shy away from telling you that it's not a get rich quick scheme, it will take time and 'BAM'. SBI speak for 'Brains and Motivation'.

Site Build It!

If I Can Do It So Can You

Here’s my problem – I have a full time job and family and compete in IronMan distance triathlons. I build this site single handedly with Site Build It! in my spare time when I’m not working, running, biking or swimming or heaven forbid actually spending some time with the family.

But I like it. I like the challenges, learning about building a business on the web, how it works, watching visitor statistics grow on my Google Analytics account, my Ezine mailing list grow, my income build and even watching Google, Yahoo, MSN etc position my site.

One of my biggest pages – Top Ten Mini Laptopsis (at the time of writing) right up their behind CNET – probably the biggest website chain in the technology industry with full-time staff and fancy software. That’s satisfaction!

I didn’t find it easy though. Sometimes, I’ve been so fed up that I’ve been looking simply to sell up (which was fun looking at some online evaluations), but it’s times like that when SBI can also kick in with its forum for members. That’s the thing, is that SBI isn’t just a way of building a website. It’s a support network, a community and a real money making online business.

Site Build It! is NOT Get-Rich Quick

Of course, getting rich-quick is everyone's dream, but even the most naïve of us realize at some point that ‘get-rich-schemes’ for the masses don’t make sense. Otherwise everyone would be rolling in it?

Unless you find something unique to sell online that no one else can replicate, you’re not going to make money online quickly. The way to sustainably make money online is to add value to the web. Google and others want to find unique new content to direct surfers towards. That’s what Site Build It! focuses on content-rich, keyword focused websites that adds value to visitors and search engines alike. They have a simple way of explaining their process.

Could you use Site Build It!? Of course you could! If you’re intuitive enough to look for secrets to save and make money, you’re definitely the type for starting up an online business.

Would you want to? Maybe. I can testify that it’s easy to use and the support network is awesome, but there’s more to being successful than that, you need your brains and motivation.

Do you have a hobby or a passion? A subject you know inside out? An offline business you could expand by making an online offshoot of it? Something that you enjoy talking about? If the answers yes to any of these, you could succeed with SBI - be it an part time project (like it is for me) or a full-time occupation.

Everyone Knows Something About Something

...and everyone can used SBI! Your friends, your family, your community, the possibilities are endless. You could even build a website for someone else with SBI!

What I found really useful is this video. It essentially sums up Site Build It!, its successes, principals, methods and more details. This short video below links to a 30-minute video detailed (which I watched about 5 times all the way through before buying!) which goes over the whole SBI business opportunity more comprehensively.

Talk To Someone About SBI

Site Build It! offer a question and answer service that's a great chance to ‘test’ out their support services), or alternatively you can ask me a question about SBI using the form below.

Probably your biggest question is looking for an independent review which (honestly) is hard to come by. This is because almost every SBIer has pages dedicated to talking about SBI in a really positive manner. There are also selections of “reviews” which are written by people who haven’t even used SBI or any of the features. Overall, it's pretty biased one way or the other.

But SBI has proven and credible results already. Here are some simple Site Build It! facts...

  • Over 40,000 SBIers have built successful online businesses with SBI. And these weren't experienced webmasters. They were ordinary people with a passion and wealth of knowledge.
  • SBI ELearning - "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" is taught in over 40 Universities and Colleges worldwide including The Citadel and University of Arizona
  • Even I can use it! Yeah, that's right!
  • Every purchase has a 30-day no-quibble Guarantee - that sold it for me!
Solo Build It! Case Studies

As I mentioned earlier if you have any questions then please use the form below.

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