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For those who think that the MSI Wind netbook is a great piece of kit, they’re more often than not going to have to shell out at above the market rate for a computer of it’s vintage and specification. Newer models such as the Samsung NC110 are hitting the shelves at around £300, not much off the MSI’s price.

But there is a way to get your hands on a much cheaper MSI Wind…

Buy an Advent 4211 netbook! It’s the same computer underneath, with simply a different name embedded into the body. Advent 4211 netbooks are available from PC World (whose parent company – DSG International owns Advent) and other stores from the same family including Curry’s and Dixons.

This is an example of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer - when a company outsources the production and development of a product, but retails it under its own brand. MSI have numerous deals with the resale of it's Wind netbook, but the Advent 4211 netbook remains the prime alternative in the United Kingdom.

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DSG International have managed to offer Advent netbooks on mobile broadband contracts with major network providers such as Vodafone – available to buy online or instore.

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LG X110

The MSI Wind is also available as the slightly restyled LG X110 which features tapered edges, sim-embedding built in and is also available on mobile broadband contracts.
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