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MSI was founded in 1986 and is therefore a new boy when compared to some of the manufacturers found in the market. Their products are generally confined to the computing industry but within that sector there is not a lot they don't do.

Of course, we are interested in their netbook product line the MSI Wind series.

Starting out with the MSI Wind U100, MSI was one of the first to incorporate a 10 inch screen into a netbook and must have proved a serious headache to the leader at the time, Asus with it's then flagship 900 series.

The MSI Wind 100 has proved to be a long stayer in the netbook scene and is still available in many variants proving that MSI were in the groove right from the start.

They have continued to announce many new models, and variants of existing models, but seem to be loosing the plot just a little. Many of the innovative new models just don't seem to be available to actually buy (U110,U115) and others that are available are not really breaking any new ground.

However, what is available from MSI is always very well priced so if budget is key then any of the MSI models are worth consideration.

MSI Netbooks

MSI Wind U100

The first MSI mini laptop. A step up in features when first launching giving Asus a series run for it's money. Still competative in the 10 inch sector with a range of models available. However it is also available under a number of different brands and can be found much cheaper as one of these badged variants.

MSI Wind U100

MSI Wind U120

Redesigned exterior but the same inside the MSI Wind U120 could be considered a dissapointment. With apparently less battery life then the U100 it's going to be hard pushed to impress but it does look better and is aggressively priced.

MSI Wind U120

MSI Wind U123

Outwardly the same as the U120 but inside lurks the Atom Z280 processor. This gives a welcome nudge to performance and run time is upto 8 hours because of the 9 cell battery. As usual pricing is very competative but it has too be. It's good value but you don't have to spend a lot more to get a lighter, better looking and longer running netbook elsewhere.

MSI Wind U123

Reviews of MSI Netbooks

MSI Wind U100 - Well specified and, at it's launch, possibly the best netbook around, it's now a bit long in the tooth and cheaper re-badged versions are available.

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