How Can Mobile Broadband Work For You?

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Broadband in the Beginning.

Before mobile broadband existed broadband was supplied via the telephone of TV cable networks. There is no doubt that broadband internet has been a breath of fresh air for people used to using dial up Internet connections. It offers a whole new world of Internet usage. Downloading music and streaming videos became a thing of ease and it completely transformed most consumer’s internet usage.

However, initially, you were still tied to the wall by the broadband cable. The next step was Internet access wherever you have a laptop and mobile modem. That next step was mobile broadband.

Broadband On the Move.

Mobile internet uses the mobile phone networks to provide customers with a high speed internet connection that can be accessed with their mini laptops or netbooks.

There are several methods of delivering wireless broadband including WiFi, Wimax and GSM.

It is possible to access these services with a USB dongle and a netbook or mini laptop. A great advantage is that there is no requirement for customers to also have a phone line. This removes the worry of moving house and is a great option for students.

USB Internet access also offers flexibility in your choice of working environment. It may be that you want to work in a café or in the park, or you need the convenience of checking your email from the airport departure lounge of the hotel foyer.

Portable Internet access can offer speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, but this varies from operator to operator. Most operators offers speeds around 3.6Mbps but connections can be affected by your location. Many of the operator websites offer the ability to check the potential speeds in your area.

It is also possible to get a free netbook or mini laptop with the many mobile packages.

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