Mini Laptop Speakers
Other Netbook Accessories

Netbooks have three main selling points - small, light and cheap. Mini laptop speakers and other netbook accessories like USB optical disc drives, USB keyboards and laptop cases add to the overall product.

Here’s a guide of products to make your netbook even better.


Many netbooks come as standard with a 3-cell battery which generally gives around 3 hours battery life. Larger batteries, whilst heavier allow for much increased mobile computing time, with the Acer Aspire One getting up to 9 hours 40 minutes on it’s new 9-cell battery option.


Like most electronics, you need something to carry them around in and keep them in one piece. Cases vary in quality and style from coloured pouches to smart leather briefcases to pink polka dot bags. Cases are particularly useful if you’re travelling around a lot.

Netbook Cases


New mini laptops should always come with a mains charger, but it can be helpful to have a second or a car charger to remain flexible. It can also help to have chargers for foreign countries if you travel around a lot.

Keyboards and Mice

With mini laptops, the space for the interface is very small. Although there are some gems which have excellent typing surfaces like the HP Mini 1000 or the Sony VAIO TT, several keyboards available are somewhat more compromised in there practicality.

A simple USB keyboard is portable, and can offer a typing experience equivalent to a PC. Some are capable of folding up. USB mice are also available.

Netbook Mice

Mobile Broadband USB Modems

Wifi and Bluetooth have their limitations in having to be near hotspots or local networks. With 3G Mobile Broadband (or HSDPA) you can receive internet connection wherever there is a phone signal. Mobile Broadband can be purchased from network providers on contract or on prepay USB sticks.

3g Mobile Broadband

Optical Disc Drives

Netbooks come without an optical disc drive, so you can’t play CD/DVD-ROMs. However, you can get a USB optical disc drive so you can load your own games, play CDs, DVDs and more.

Netbook Optical Drives

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors help prevent scratches and imperfections on your screen. Some can also limit viewing from other angles to prevent people looking at your work, particularly useful in confined spaces such as a plane or a train. Remember to use an old credit card or similar to squeeze out the bubbles which inevitably get trapped between the screen protector and the screen itself.


Inbuilt mini laptop speakers in general are pretty average. For those you like to listen to music or play games from your netbook, portable mini laptop speakers offer an affordable and practical means of boosting sound quality whilst on the move.

Netbook Speakers

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