How This Site Is Supported.

Free To Use.

The first thing to understand is that is completely free for you to to use.

Anything on the site is here solely because it's the very best information available to you when making purchasing decisions about netbooks, mini-laptops, mini-notebooks and related products and is based on independent, detailed research by members of our team.

No one can pay to have any editorial content put on this site.

How is the Site Supported?

Our reviews are written purely from a "what's the good and bad about this netbook" point of view. No consideration of possible advertising revenue is taken into consideration when writing content for the site.

Once an article is completed then in some cases paid links or 'affiliate links' are researched. These links will be placed within or along side the editorial content and if a visitor clicks on such a link and purchases a product then this site may receive a commission payment. We closely monitor our affiliate links and do strive to ensure that any links displayed provide the best value available to you.

The site also displays advertisements from Google. We have no control over the content of these adverts as Google itself 'figures out' what the article is about and tries to place relevant adverts from its advertisers within the Google advert blocks. When a visitor to the site clicks on one of these adverts then again our site may receive a commission payment from Google.

We do not maintain or encourage any relationships with particular suppliers of products as we feel this could compromise the purpose of the website which is to provide you with the information you require. If we fulfil this role then we believe that you the visitor will feel comfortable with our position and have trust in the advertising links we provide.

Our Relationship With SiteSell.

There is always an exception to the rule and it's true for although it's not related to the primary purpose of the website (helping you find a netbook).

This site is hosted by SiteSell and on our 'About Me' page I describe how I discovered SiteSell and the Solo Build It! on-line business building process. I make no apology for promoting the system as it has delivered everything it promised for me and I truly believe it can do it for anyone with the BAM (brains and motivation) you need to create any successful business.

When you click on any of my links to SiteSell then they record the fact that you visited them from my website and if you purchase SBI 2.0 then I may earn a commission.

However, unlike most affiliate links on the net this will not be a 'click and forget' link for me. If you do purchase SBI 2.0 then you will have my support, advice and guidance for free for as long as you want it along with that from the thousands of other SBIers!

How Do Other Sites Compare?

There are two main models operating..

  • Many other sites either maintain a subscrition model where you have to pay to access their content but are free from adverts of any kind (although not always).
  • Then there are the comercial sites that are free to use but only review equipment that they have been paid to review or will provide a high return for them from their advertisers.

We are different because we have no boss, no faceless corporations that have paid us so everything that is written is unbiased, objective and free from outside influence.

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