How to get a Free Netbook

Free Netbook

How do you get a Free Netbook? There are two main ways, firstly by winning one in a competition winning one in a competition which frequently involves parting with personal details and small odds of winning or by taking out a mobile broadband contract with your network provider.

Mobile broadband is exactly what it says on the tin – high-speed 3G internet access (HSDPA) wherever you can get phone signal. Most network providers offer a USB modem or ‘dongle’ which looks like a memory stick but instead of storing files, offers internet access. Think of it like as sim card for laptops.

Network providers also offer laptops inclusive in certain deals, typically from £20-25+ per month, putting it on favourable terms with smartphones which will likely start at £35 per month from most networks. Portable mini laptops (also called netbooks) and mobile broadband go hand in hand for connectivity on the move, the ideal solution for mobile computing.

What is a netbook?

What is a netbook? A netbook is a small ‘mini laptop’ with a screen size typically less than 12 inches across. They generally weigh around 1 kilogram, are about the size of a filofax and cost about a hundred quid less than a typical notebook computer. Netbooks outsold iPhones during 2008, and are set to sell around 22 million by the end of 2009.

Vodafone Vodafone was the first network provider to begin to offer a free netbook on contract, cosying up with Dell and its Inspiron Mini 9. Other providers soon joined the fray – Orange introduced the Asus Eee PC 901 on contract, O2 the Samsung NC10 and 3 (Three) the HP Compaq mini 700 as well as Britain Biggest Data Allowance. Rates vary between £17.50 and £30 per month, some with a number of extras included such as FREE texts, FREE home broadband, 2 for 1 dining and going out deals and more.

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