A Dell Netbook.
Good Value from the Master of the Direct Sale.

Any Dell netbook available is generally a dull looking machine with average performance. Your unlikely to see the very latest features or any significant innovation but for configuration options and value for money Dell is often hard to beat.

Often with many configuration options available when you are purchasing it can be a mine field trying to determine what is what and how similar models compare against each other.

With the Mini 9 at least there was only one 9 inch option but with the release of the Mini 10 and Mini 10v Dell have done nothing to make it easier to decide which of them is suited to your needs and help you make the right decision.

As always when ordering any Dell PC, watch out for special offers and configurations but closely compare what you are getting to the other configurations available. Dell have a habit of throwing in essentially worthless software or upselling you extended warrentees or adding on huge shipping charges so that before you know it the bill is twice what it started out as.

Be aware that if you see Dell Netbooks in any high street outlet or mall, as is sometimes the case now, then the specifications of these machines may be considerably different to those available on line. There may be a reason they appear cheap!

Dell Netbooks

Dell Mini 9

Dull and uninspiring with poor battery and keyboard the Dell Mini 9 is otherwise an OK machine. It's just that there are far better 9 inch netbooks out there to consider.

Dell Mini 9

Dell Mini 10v

An improvement all round over the Mini 9. Looks are still not striking but performance and features are ok if not stellar and a good full width keyboard makes it well suited for those experts who use more than 2 fingers.

Don't get confused with the Mini 10 as despite appearences the two machines are very different. In their base configurations the practical differences are fairly minimal though and we would just slightly favour the more expensive Mini 10

Dell Mini 10v

Dell Mini 10

As for the Mini 10v the keyboard and trackpad are very good but inside the differences are considerable. With internals aimed more at multi media capabilites and with high resolution screen options the Mini 10 is well suited to viewing movies or giving presentations. Many options not avaliable for the Mini 10v are available when you configure it at Dell.

It does all the Mini 10v does but has added capability and options that give it the edge from a technical perspective. The added functionality puts the price up and this knocks it back on the value for money scale.

Dell Mini 10

Reviews of Dell Netbooks

Dell Mini 9 - Dell's first Netbook. Dull looking and unspectacular with nothing to really set it apart from other 9 inch netbooks.

Dell Mini 10v - A step up from the dissapointing Mini 9. Good full width keyboard keyboard and excellent value for money. Battery life is lacking but not unusual at the value end of the market.

Dell Mini 10 - High res screen options make a great media player. Most features as for the Mini 10v but battery life improved due to the lower power internals. Out favourite Dell netbook for now.

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