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To buy HP netbooks, we recommend researching a multitude of different stores and outlets to compare price and the potential packages available. Did you know you can HP netbooks for free? – if of course you take out a contract with a network provider such as Orange or 3 (Three). Price comparison is beyond simply finding the cheapest available on the market. Extras such as cases, anti-virus software, extended warranties could all sway which way you buy. So whilst we do recommend finding the cheapest netbooks available to compare against, simply choosing this could cost you more in the long run.

When buying, look to compare 5 different things:

> Initial Purchase Price – how much you’re paying then and there

> Warranty – Is it a simply 12 month manufacturers warranty, or is there an extended warranty. Who offers the best value extended warranties

> Delivery – Some companies are downright unreasonable with shipping rates. Whilst offering initially cheap prices, shipping costs are disproportionately high. Others offer incredibly slow shipping alongside much more expensive faster options.

> Returns Policy – Do double check each outlets returns policy! Whilst most should offer to take goods back within 30 odd days, the condition of a return could have a big impact. There’s a big difference between resaleable and unopened for example.

So when you you're looking to buy, do remember to look beyond the initial price.

Or even the method of purchase – you could buy from a shop, an online auction site, a competition (if that counts as buying!!). Don’t limit yourself.

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