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Best mini laptop

Which is the best mini laptop or best mini notebook? It's a seemingly impossible question because there isn't just one winner. Even we come up with our 'Top Netbook' but it just can't be the best one for everyone.

What's important is what is the best netbook or best mini notebook for you.

You need to ask yourself some questions.

  • Is price the most important consideration?
  • Are you going to use it for long periods away from mains power?
  • Are you going to use it for portable entertainment or is it a business tool you'll be typing a lot with?
  • Is it going to have a hard life and be prone to bumps and knocks?

The following pages are designed to help you to choose between the many different netbooks on offer from different brands and decide on the best mini notebook that fits your specific requirements.

Search by Size

Does your best mini laptop need to be a specific size? The smallest netbooks will also have the smallest screens and keyboards and could have reduced battery life through the use of lower capacity batteries. 9 inches is the sweet spot as you can get a number of feature rich netbooks at good prices. The latest 10 inchers are only a fraction bigger than the 9's but generally don't offer a huge amount in features over their smaller cousins. However, they do tend to command a price premium but if extended sessions of typing are the order of the day then they will be worth the extra cash.

Search by Price

On a budget? If price is your limiting factor then start your search here in the different price categories. Just be aware not to compromise on any other critical features that you will need and ensure that the mini notebook computer you choose is suitable for the job you want it for. You're best mini laptop is not necessarily the most expensive.

Of course you can have it all. You can get all the features, and the looks but there's only the one category you need to be looking at if money is no object.

Search by Contract

For those who are looking for a portable internet device, a mini laptop is an ideal solution. Mobile phone operators are now offering advanced 3G networks allowing for high speed mobile broadband when you’re out and about. No more wires, no more landlines; simply a USB dongle or an embedded sim card and you’re away!

Like with mobile phones, you can get mini laptops and netbooks for FREE on contract so if up front cash is the issue this can be away to get your ideal mini laptop.

Here are some network providers. International visitors please note these contracts and network providers are from the United Kingdom.

Here are the cheapest, best overall, best network and best data allowance contracts...

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