Best 9 inch Mini Laptop

Best 9 inch mini laptop

The best 9 inch mini laptop is the Asus Eee PC 901. It hit the #1 spot of our Top Ten Mini Laptops in December 2008. It was the sequel to the Eee PC 900 and integrated many of the newer features included in the Eee PC 1000 including an Intel Atom processor, 6 cell battery as standard and redesigned more rugged chassis.

Available on both Linux and Windows XP, prices are around £250-300 depending on spec, but it’s also available FREE on contract with Orange.

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Best 9 inch mini laptop

A budget alternative comes from Acer with it’s Aspire One netbook. Retailing from less than £200 it varies in spec and is also available on both Linux and Windows XP. However, it comes with a mere 3-cell battery which is good for only a couple of hours. It’s well worth investing in a 6-cell or even 9-cell battery to give satisfactory battery life.

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Dell have produced the Inspiron Mini 9, which is available for around £300. The laptop itself isn’t fantastic – they keyboard is lacking in keys in order to scale up the size of the keys and reduce the total size (including battery).

It has no features that differentiate itself from other similar netbooks – the only thing going for it is that Vodafone have offered it with an embedded sim card for FREE on contract.

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The Ones to Avoid.

Laptops to avoid include the Toshiba mini laptop, the NB100. It again has nothing to differentiate it from the established players like Asus and Acer – what’s worse is the build quality is poor. The lines don’t quite match up and the battery (the opposite to what Dell have done) juts out the back which supposedly makes it ‘easier to hold’.

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