Asus Eee PC Netbook Reviews

Asus is largely credited with creating the Netbook market as we know it today with the Asus Eee PC. Small portable computers may have been around in various forms over the years but with the Eee PC 701 the current boom began.

Founded in Taiwan in 1989 by 4 ex Acer employees, the Eee PC 4G was first put on sale in Taiwan in October 2007. It was followed with the Eee PC 8G, Eee PC 4G Surf and Eee PC 2G surf. The Eee line of PCs has continued to grow and has picked up numerous industry awards along the way.

More recently Asus have moved away from it’s roots of smaller, cheaper models and having enjoyed success with the 10 inch EeePC 1000 and it's new upmarket Eee PC S101 it seems set on moving its Netbook brand upmarket and refusing to fight in any 'race to the bottom' that might occur.

Asus Netbooks

Asus Eee PC 701

The original Netbook PC. This is the machine that started it all. Although it's feature set is limited by comparison to today's models with a 7 inch screen, 4g Solid State Disk and 512k of memory it defined the market and you can't get smaller or lighter without paying out big money.

Asus Eee PC 701

Asus Eee PC 901

For many the 901 was the wakeup call that Netbooks were usable tools. While the 701's keyboard was small and the display restrictive the bigger keyboard, 9 inch screen and improved performance from the Intel Atom processor meant you could now do 90% of the things you did on your office PC, anywhere!

It's still the Netbook I use when I need something I can sling in my rucksack, won't weigh me down and that can take a few knocks.

Asus Eee PC 901

Asus Eee PC 1000

The first Asus 10 inch Netbook. Essentially a 901 with a bigger screen the 1000 has all the same plus points as the 901 series but in a slightly bigger package.

The only issue is the price differential over the 901's. Is it worth the extra cost?

If you need a physically bigger screen then yes but the resolution is the same so you wont get more detail. If you can cope with a smaller screen and the budget is tight then it's not really worth the extra money.

Asus Eee PC 1000

Asus Eee PC S101

With the S101 Asus have reinvented their eeepc Netbook look. The S101 is a very pretty Netbook. The newly designed chassis makes for a super thin, sophisticated looking machine.

The differences aren't just looks though. 10 inch screen, bigger keyboard that makes touch typing a reality improve the user experience but the price premium is pretty high.

If you must have good looks, class and style in a Netbook then it's worth a look but there are cheaper models in the Asus range that have the functionality but not quite the same good looks at lower price points.

Asus Eee PC S101

Asus N10

The N10 is part of the N Series range of laptops from Asus and in theory should stand apart from the Eee Netbook range as it's one of a family of 4 machines with the N10 being the smallest with a 10.2 inch screen.

The other models go up in screen size and all fall outside of our 'Netbook' definition. However the N10 has far more in common with the rest of the Asus Netbooks as it has the same Intel Atom series processor, same size screen as the 1000 and S101 and similar specifications.

It's hard to see this as anything but a filler in the lower end of the N series range. It's one trick is it's high performance graphics mode which if you want to play games on the move could be all you need to sway your decision.

If you want Asus Netbook for traditional use then stick to the Eee series. If games are your thing but you want Netbook size then there is no other choice, go for it!

Asus N10

Reviews of Asus Netbooks

Asus Eee PC 701 - The original Netbook. Largely superseded by newer models but you may find bargains in the close out sales, second hand or on Ebay.

Asus Eee PC 901 - The sweet spot of Netbooks for many. The 901 has everything a Netbook should have. Good quality, usable screen and keyboard good performance for email/internet and office duties yet small and light enough to forget you've got it in your bag.

Asus Eee PC 1000 - An incremental improvement to the 901 with a 10 inch screen and slightly bigger keyboard but not sacrificing too much of what makes a Netbook and Netbook.

Asus Eee PC S101 - Classy, sophisticated look in a new super slim chassis. Looks the part and performs well but the sting is in the price.

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