Apple Netbook - Vision or Reality?

This page is put up in hope rather than reality. A true Apple netbook has yet to be produced by the American technology firm.

The company has brought us such innovative gadgets like the Mac computer range, the iPod, and the iPhone but seems to be keeping it's powder dry on the netbook front.

Its own current laptop range, the MacBook, features nothing smaller than 13.3 inches but, none the less, it's MacBook Air is a shade thinner than 2cm thick at its widest point and weighs a mere 1.36kg, a touch heavier than your everyday filofax and the closest to a netbook they have.

We at really do hope that Apple release one or more products into the netbook arena. Not just because we want an Apple netbook but because, as with the iPhone, Apple's flair for design and innovation has a tendency to kick the rest of the market out of their armchairs and get them up and thinking and producing new exciting products.

There are a million rumours flying round the internet about Apple's next product release and most of them seem to be zoning in on the idea of a touch based Macbook possibly of netbook sized dimensions. No one knows apart from Apple but here's hoping for what could be the start of wave 2 of the netbooks.

Apple Netbooks (well, as near as is)

Apple MacBook Air

At under 2cm at it's thickest point, the Macbook Air isn't much thicker than your thumb. Apple flair, Apple design and Apple price but it is one hell of a looker and again forced a lot of other laptop designers to wake-up and start carving those clunky looks from their own ranges.

Apple MacBook Air

The Mac Mini

OK, we are struggling already. The ‘Mac’ computer range does include the very portable Mac mini which comes devoid of any screen, keyboard or mouse. It is very small for a Mac, at 16.5cm by 16.5cm and only 5cm deep and weighs a puny 1.31 kilos. in the ball park for netbook size and weight but not much good in airport with no screen or keyboard.

The Apple Mac Mini

The Macbook Nano?

The Mac Mini has gone pretty much unchanged since it first hit the shelves with the exception of some minor updates. From November 2008, it will be the oldest Mac available. All the other Apple lines have all been updated very recently. It seems logical that the humble Mac mini is next in line, but whether it will morph into an Apple netbook is pure speculation.

Apple MacBook Nano

The MacBook Touch?

In to the realms of fantasy now. Rumour has it that something along the lines pictured here will be with us by October. basically it's a grown up iPod Touch. Boy do I hope it's true. It's my perfect couch/long haul/holiday netbook. It's small but has a large screen, that's fine because I won't do much typing and an on-screen keyboard will do. Video's will be great as would surfing the net. Come on Apple.. make it! Please.

Apple MacBook Touch

Reviews of Apple Netbooks

The Apple Macbook Air - Impossibly thin, light weight and just beautiful to look at. This sets the standard for other laptop and notebook manufacturers to aim at. Just one problem. It's not really a netbook but is the closest you get from Apple (for now).

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