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The latest Apple MacBook is an incredible device. Crafted out of a single block of aluminium for durability and weight saving, complete with a glass, vibrant LED 13.3 inch screen and a buttonless glass with 39% more room – Apple’s new notebook range pushes the envelope of computing innovation.

The use of new technologies in the interface such as the buttonless trackpad, glass LED back-lit display stretching to the very edges of the screen and comfortable, spaced illuminated keyboard revolutionise the user experience. And of course, you benefit from the intuitive Mac OS X – a highlight for Mac fans – and the associated suite of useful software applications. Apple MacBook
The multi-touch trackpad has no buttons on it – because it is the button. Apple designers and engineers have spent countless hours optimising the glass surface and determining what should be interpreted as a click, swipe and more such as what the trackpad should feel like. Multi-touch is more sophisticated than a relatively pedestrian touch screen.

The difference between touch screen and multi-touch is that a touch screen only sense when you contact the screen and will act only to that. Multi-touch enables the user use different fingers independently to perform different actions – for example; you could put down you thumb and scroll with your index finger - angling a picture you were viewing, using a three-finger double tap could trigger a screen shot, or pinching to zoom in. This technology is used extensively on existing Apple devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch - The Editor is an avid iPod Touch user, and can testify that multi-touch is both very intuitive and fun! Apple MacBook The keyboard is large, comfortable and easy to type on. The well space keys are illuminated for ease of typing in dark conditions – a popular feature on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, now available on the standard model.

Apple Mac Computers are renowned for their graphic-intensive applications and displays. Again, innovative technologies flow throughout the new MacBook. Whereas most notebook computers logic boards have a central processing unit (CPU), a graphic processing unit (GPU) and two communication chips – the chip on the new MacBook only has the CPU and GPU – the Nvidia GeForce 9400M, an incredibly efficient yet powerful. This enables faster, smoother graphic action – perfect for fast action gaming.

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How the new Apple MacBook is made

The single piece of aluminium which forms the uni-body is a key feature of the new MacBooks. Unlike other notebook computers which are pieced together from multiple different components, the single block of lightweight aluminium results in a very portable, durable chassis. This is noticeable when you pick one up!

Durability extends further given the option for up to a 256GB Solid State Drive – which means there are no moving parts like a hard drive. Alternatively, you can stick to a hard drive option.

How the new Apple MacBook is made :: Video

Apple MacBook features set new benchmarks, particularly for environmentalists. The single aluminium body, glass screen and touchpads are all recyclable – and easy to recycle since different components (made from different materials) don’t have to be separated – a long, complicated and inefficient process.

The Apple MacBook uses one quarter of the power of a single lightbulb

The packaging is 41 percent thinner than the previous Apple MacBook. That means less paper, cheaper shipping (by land and air) and less carbon emissions to get your new green MacBook to you.

The absence of toxins from the new MacBook range is key. Mercury and arsenic, commonly used in LCD displays and glass respectively have been removed. The brominated flame retardant in logic boards has been cut out too, and it’s also PVC-free. What’s more, is that other Apple products including the rest of the MacBook family, the iPod range and the iPhone are all up to the same toxin-free standards.

The Apple MacBook advert – The Greenest Family of Notebooks

The Apple MacBook is extremely efficient, since Apple product both the hardware (the MacBook) and software (Mac OS X). This allows for smarter devices and software to be created to make the MacBook more efficient.

Apple has programmed the MacBook to switch between the most suitable processor – CPU or GPU – for the task at hand, even adjusting processing speed between keystrokes!

The LED (Light-emitting diode) back-lit screen is another energy saver. LED technology allows for brighter, more vibrant colour from start up (whereas LCD technology needs to ‘get going’ before getting into it’s element..) and also saves – Apple says – 30% less energy. >>> Return from Apple MacBook to Homepage