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Apple laptops discount

Apple laptops discount are typically not available from Apple stores – afterall, they don’t go around designing, testing and manufacturing incredible electronics … just to give them away.

So looking elsewhere is important, but so is using trusted sources and payment systems. We’ve put together a Top 5 list of bonified sources for getting your Apple laptops discount goods!

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#5 - is an offshore merchant based in Jersey in the Channel Islands, and was one of the first UK online merchants when it was founded in 1998. Being offshore, the firm doesn’t pay VAT – instead operating out of 4 massive warehouses in Jersey. This translates into savings for the consumers - your Apple laptops discount.

Another bonus is the FREE delivery across the entire 5-million products available online. This compares favourably to competing online merchants who add on shipping charges. When buying computers, often the packaging is relatively bulky and heavy which results in relatively high shipping charges. Given Play’s already fantastic prices - what you see is the price you pay - you can save a lot of money!

Another feature of is PlayTrade – where privates individuals and companies can sell their goods online. Private individuals can sell their goods via an established company – without any listing fees like eBay, and little chance of buyers fraud since check-out is managed by Play themselves. Private companies have to match or beat the .

What if something goes wrong with PlayTrade? If the seller doesn’t offer you a refund when you’re entitled to one – will foot the refund themselves thanks to their FairPlay Guarentee system.

>>> See's Apple range

#4 - are one of the UK’s cheapest, dedicated laptops retailers. They cut out the costs of selling on the high street and channel all their sales via the internet offerin real pple laptops discount oppurtunities. You can pick up real bargains (particularly if you catch a MacBook in their Clearance lines!) and although you have to pay shipping on top of the price, you can choose all sorts of different delivery options.

The Editor has exploited this before, choosing a £249 notebook from their Clearance range in the evening and getting it delivered the next morning. have MacBooks available from less than £700.

#3 - Auctionair Auctionair is a revolutionary type of online auction service. They offer in-demand branded consumer electronics (including Apple MacBooks), fashion accessories, luxury holidays and experiences and frequently – handcrafted Sir Hans Sloane chocolates. They offer two different kinds of auctions – low-bid auctions and high-bid auctions. Both offer the chance for massive savings provided you’re smart about your bidding.

High Bid Auctions

In high-bid auctions, you pay an entry fee to enter the auction and place your bid. Your bids are non-binding (unlike eBay) and are hidden from other users view. Each lot ends at a set time and date, and has a set number of bids available. The winner is simply the highest bidder.

>>> Top Tips when entering a high-bid auction: Whilst there are chances to make massive savings, be realistic. Bidding £2.02 on a MacBook Air is likely to get you nowhere. Aim around 70-80% of the RRP, and you’re likely to do well.

Low Bid Auctions

In low-bid auctions, you also pay an entry fee like the high-bid auction, your bids are sealed, secret and non-binding. But this time, the winner is the bidder with the lowest unique bid. Make sense? See this example…

Bidder A bids £1 on a MacBook Air Bidder B bids £2 on the MacBook Air lot

Bidder C also bids £1 on the same MacBook Air

Bidders A and C have both bid £1, therefore their bids are not unique. Bidder B is the only £2 bidder, and it is the next lowest bid. Therefore it is the lowest unique bid and so Bidder B wins.

Ah, but there are other ways to grab an Apple laptops discount at Auctionair!

If you click on their ‘Sale – Unclaimed Bids’ then you can access bargains instantly. Since the bids are non-binding, should the winner not choose to follow through and purchase their auction goods, the lot moves into the Sale of Unclaimed Bids. The goods are listed at the price of the winning bid.

ANY user can select a range of auctions which they can have emailed to themselves. The email consists of the lot details, recommended retail price, winning price and the saving. You can then click to purchase - but it’s on a first come first served basis!

>>> Top Tip: Check each lots end time you're interested in. Most end around midday, mid-week. As soon as the time passes, keep an eye on the Unclaimed Bids and if a lot you're interested in comes up - put in your bid ASAP!

Some listings, although generally for experiences rather than hard goods, are available at discounted buy-it-now prices. These work on the same way as any normal online shop.

Auctionair is a fun and easy way to pick up Apple laptop discounts, as well as sorting out a quick holiday break!

#2 - Amazon

Amazon, as one of the worlds largest online retailers receives discounted wholesale goods from the manufacturers and distributors. These translate into savings for you.

Amazon’s product range is incredibly extensive, and given private companies are also allowed to sell on Amazon, so are the prices.

Like PlayTrade, Amazon Marketplace offers privates individuals and firms the chance to buy and sell via a secure trading system. Buyers are kept safe with Amazons A-to-Z Safe Buying Guarantee in case something goes wrong with the seller.

#1 - MacWarehouse - Best Apple Reseller!

MacWarehouse has been rated ‘Best Mac Reseller’ 10 years in a row by MacWorld Readers. They sell cheap Apple mac laptops, peripherals and other Apple goods including iPods.

As one of most reputable Apple resellers, you can easily find your Apple laptops discount at MacWarehouse. As an Apple specialist, you can benefit from the level of support perhaps only matched by Apple themselves - MacWarehouse.

We don't just talk Apple. We're fluent in it - MacWarehouse

Get your Apple laptops discount at MacWarehouse - the Best Apple Reseller 10 Years Running!

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