About Us

www.mini-laptops-and-notebooks.com is the one-stop resource for mini laptops and netbooks. We aim to be simply the premier website for anything to do with mini laptops and netbooks - a rapidly growing form of mobile computing.

We've got news, reviews and top ten mini laptops - regularly updated to include new features, products and latest industry gossip.

One Laptop Per Child is also featured along with Our Vision to contribute towards the "Give 100" scheme to change a hundred childrens lives. We also feature other educational programs such as Intels Classmate PC.

Web design

This website was built from scratch using SBI, a system which uses a powerful array of tools and tutoring to help people create websites, that not only create traffic but monetize.

"Only Site Build It! can turn your passion into a business and make your business a passion." - Harvey from novel-writing-help.com

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