How I Ended Up Building This Web Site.

Andy Jones

My name is Andy. There is nothing special about me. I'm a normal, everyday, full time employee keeping a job down and trying to provide for my family, now and in the future.

In my spare time I build and run this website but before I started; you know what?...

... I Was Worried.

I have a well paying job that most of the time is challenging and interesting. As far as a job goes I probably couldn't ask for more. I'm lucky.... but I was still worried.

I Was Worried About the Future.

I have worked in the same industry for all my life with a large part of it with the same company. I have always followed the advice of the investment professionals, the company and the government when it comes to retirement planning. I was looking forward to retiring at 55 (I'm 45 at the moment) with a healthy income of at least two thirds of what I would be earning at that time. (That's what they said would happen.)

Over the last 10 years it has become clearer and clearer that it's just not going to happen. The best I can hope for (even though I did all the right things) is retirement at 70 on an income of half what I hoped for. My Dad died when he was 72. Sheesh.. 50+ years working for someone else for what might be just 2 years to enjoy myself.

By following the "expert's" advice all I seem to have done is...

  • Helped those investment advisors with their early retirement plans.
  • Boosted the profits of the company I work for at my expense.
  • Been blinded by politicians supposedly wanting to help me (I know; How dumb am I?)
  • Thrown a lot of money down the drain.

I Was Worried About Now.

25 years is a long time to be in one job. Most of that time it's been fun. I'm lucky but things are changing. Fast.

There is no security in the job anymore. No sense of loyalty. Everyday every email I get could be the one saying 'You're out'. If it happens then at 45 the chances of me getting a similar job seem slimmer everyday.

What on earth would I do?

  • Everyday at work feels like it might be my last.
  • Positions are being replaced by shipping work abroad.
  • All the time the company wants more yet says it can afford less.
  • While the CEO got a 30 million dollar bonus last year we were asked to take pay cuts.

No One Is Going To Help You.

Does any of the above strike a chord with you? Feel familiar? If not then you're even luckier than me. If it does than you need to realise something I realised a year ago.

You can't rely on other people to help you...

... not the investment advisers, not the company, not the government. No one. No one will help you. They all say they will but they won't.

I realised I was going to have to find a way to change my future. Me. No one else. Just me.

I had no idea how to change things.

Triathlon, Treadmills and Get Rich Quick?

My main past time is Triathlon and one Sunday morning I was out on a training run with a friend from the local Triathlon club.

Kevin is a finger in every pie guy, always has an angle, always networking, a hundred strings to his bow. He mentioned that a friend of his had a website reviewing treadmills and that he didn't have a 'proper' job anymore.

Apparently his friend spent about 2 days a week looking at and reviewing treadmills and updating the website and he made a good living from it. Kevin's friend used a system called 'Site Build It!' and Kevin had bought it as well and was going to build a website too.

Firstly I was astonished because Kevin knows nothing about computers and the internet whereas I work with computers all day. How could he possibly hope to do something like that? I knew that to put a website up you need technical skills way beyond the "Where's the 'On' button?" level that Kevin possessed.

Secondly I was sceptical. I've seen those adds on the web. The ones that popup in your face and tell you how to get rich quick, that in just 30 days they were pulling in 10,000 dollars a month and you can do it too. It's rubbish, they are all rubbish.

'Yea right Kev, it's just another of your schemes'.

We finished the run and I went home but later that evening the conversation with Kevin popped in to my head so I though I would do some digging.

I searched for 'Site Build It' and started searching for the scam that it must be, right?

My first impressions were, 'hmmmmm this seems a bit different, not just a one page scam sales page like most of them seem to be, must be a scam though'.

More digging. 'There's a lot of tools in this system; they actually seem to tell you how to do everything without you needing to buy it.'.

Maybe There is Something In This?

Light Bulb Moment Number 1

Now I was thinking that there is more to this than I first thought. Maybe it's not a scam. As I read the case studies the realisation dawned on me that what these people had done and what Kevin's friend had done is build a business on the web, not just a website.

This was my first 'light bulb' moment. I could build a website but after 25 years of working for someone else I new nothing about building a business, I knew even less about building a business on the internet.

So a few days later with me still being suspicious - I went over to Kevin's house for a demonstration of SBI and got him to show me the system and what he had achieved so far.

I was no longer a sceptic. Using SBI, Kevin had followed the process and researched several areas of interest to him and decided on one he could build a website on.

Light Bulb Moment Number 1

More than that the SBI process had validated his choice and confirmed that what he had chosen was actually worth building a site around and had even let him explore whether an income could be generated from the site.

'Click' - light bulb' moment number 2. Nowadays almost anyone can build a website or a blog for 10 dollars a month but how do you know whether anyone will be interested? How do you get people to come to it? If they do come how do you make money from it?

Light Bulb Moment Number 1

Still I was not convinced. What happens after you take that 'leap of faith' and pay up and join? I could see there were a lot of tools that Kevin had only just scraped the surface of but that's not enough. What about support? Who's going to ensure you get the best out of the process?

Light bulb number three went on! SBI has a complete support structure of paid employees available 24 hours a day and in addition has a really incredible forum.

There were thousands of discussions and not a single hint of the usual forum flame wars, general idiocy, sales pitches and other rubbish that pollute every forum about website building I had ever seen. Each and everyone of these people has actually paid up and were working to the same end. No spotty teenagers masquerading as web gurus here!

Guest access to the SBI forums is available but is by invitation only (Kevin invited me). If you would like to view the forums then contact me using the form at the bottom of this page and I'll send you details.

To top it all the owner of Site Sell, the company behind Site Build It! was still posting everyday, not selling but just helping people build their businesses. In addition to that he had a blog which was a mine of great information.

Three light bulbs were enough for me.

The Solution.

That evening I purchased SBI. They have a 30 day money back guarantee (still a hint of suspicion lurking) so I knew I couldn't really lose out.

At this point I still didn't know what I could build a business around. I had some ideas and I'd had various hobbies and interests over the years but it still felt a bit like jumping in the deep end with a blind fold on. No idea whether there was any water in the pool!

I followed the SBI action guide and that led me to the subject I choose (mini laptops and netbooks) which in turn has led you to this website (see the system works, it brought you here).

Still Worried?

Note that that heading is now a question not a statement. I'm asking you. Are you still worried? I'm not any more.

Within a year this site is now approaching the point where it is generating enough income to meet my mortgage payment. I'm not going to be retiring tomorrow but as the site continues to grow I can see that it might be possible.

Don't think for a second it will be easy. It's not. SBI is no 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. I've worked pretty darn hard to get to where I am now, spent much of my spare time and I'm not deluding myself that this will make me rich. It might but it doesn't matter, it's not the reason I started. I am confident that my website and SBI will go a long way towards solving the problem I started with in the first place which was...

"How do I gain independence for myself, ensure a good living for me and my family and secure an early retirement?"

Take a look at SBI - It's working for me, it will work for you.

... and by the way, it's working for Kevin too.

When you click on any of my links to SiteSell then they record the fact that you visited them from my website and if you purchase SBI 2.0 then I will receive a commission payment.

However, unlike most affiliate links on the net this will not be a 'click and forget' link for me. If you do purchase SBI 2.0 then you will have my support, advice and guidance for free for as long as you want it along with that from the thousands of other SBIers!

For further information about how this site is financed and my relationship with SiteSell see...

'How This Site Is Financed'.

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