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Your requested New Mini Laptops Newsletter Issue #003, May 2009
June 07, 2009

Welcome to The Eee-zine!

Editors note: Welcome to June’s edition of The Eee-zine, the inhouse e-magazine for We hope you enjoy the following news and articles. We want to here your views on The Eee-zine at:

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What's included this month

1) Netbook News

2) Latest updates on the website

3) My money making and saving secrets revealed...

4) The cost of social technology: Part 2 of 2

5) Bargains of the month!

6) The Power of Skype - free calls anyone?>

7) VIDEO: How Apple MacBooks are made

8) A Laptop, a Child, a Dollar -- And a Promise

9) The last laugh...

News in Netbooks

HEADLINE NEWS: Sim-embedded Toshiba NB100 is ready to buy

The successful Toshiba mini laptop – the NB100 is here with a sim-embedded option. Featuring speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps HSDPA internet access, the Toshiba NB100 remains one of the lightest and cheapest 9 inch netbooks available.

Android must beat massive entry-to-market hurdles to beat Microsoft monopoly

With Microsofts stranglehold on the operating system market and competing platforms such as the open-source linux os or Apple's exclusive Mac OS X barely making a dent on the Windows fortress.

But will Google's new Android operating system make any difference? Google are aggressively promoting Andriod to third-party developers in a similar way to Microsoft so a whole host of Android compatible applications will be available when Android makes its debut.

Whether it makes a difference, only time will tell. But if you think of the ongoing Apple vs. Microsoft battle, wait for Google and Microsoft to clash horns!

Asus Eee PC Seashell now out

Think of the seductively thin MacBook Air and then think of a much cheaper, average consumer Asus Eee PC. A world a part?

Not any more, thanks to the new Eee PC seashell range - only 18mm thick. Although it's a tad more pricey than other models - it is a fantastic for anyone wanting a truly portable mini laptop.

Latest Updates and New Features on

> FAQ section now live and kicking

> Submit YOUR own review

> I reveal My Secrets to making and saving money online!

The Cost of Social Technology: Part 2 of 2

Last month, we touched on the true expenses of communicating with each other in today’s media environment, exposing the monumental losses behind big internet brands such as YouTube are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This month, to conclude our two-part series, we look at the cost of the media devices to communicate with each others. I’m talking mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and the likes.

The monumental cost of buying the latest technologies is excessive. How many new phones and laptops have you bought in the last few years? How many fewer could you have bought? Myself, I’ve recently replaced my aging Nokia phone (which was falling apart anyway…) with a brand new Samsung G600 – do I intend to replace in the next 5 odd years? No! When trying it out, I was looking for durability, functionality – I honestly believe the G600 is one of the only phones you can actually text on! – and of course, cost effectiveness.

No, the G600 was not the cheapest model available, but I believe I made the right choice. If I bought a cheaper Nokia model, I’d likely be replacing it again in a couple years which in turn open the tap to drain more resources from your wallet.

Durability and easily upgradeable devices are essential in cutting your overall spending over a long period. Consumers need to learn to think smart, beyond the initial price.

Other drains on expenditure are new technology. For example, mini laptops hit the scene in 2008 and now account for a sizeable 10% of the overall computer market. Is this a result of increased consumer spending? Yes – and no. The market for desktop computers is in decline as the western recession takes hold, but consumers and businesses who otherwise may not have purchased a computer. Netbooks are simply smaller, lighter and cheaper – and they do the job of top-spec computers a few years ago, but now, and at discounted prices.

A formula for success? Yes. But is it really necessary? For many, no.

Laptops and notebook computers are pretty commonplace, but they are often completely overspeced for the average consumers needs. Netbooks, whilst smaller (although you can get larger 12 inch models) cut out the unnecessary hardware. They’re a cost efficient way of mobile computing, compared to a notebook computer or smartphone.

We predict a change in consumer views of laptops – some of you may remember our article ‘Why laptops are to become obsolete’ essentially saying that smart consumers will realise they don’t need excessive computing power whilst on the move, and notebook computers in the current form will disappear. We predict 3 forms of computer – the netbook, the ultra-portable for the business professional and the high-spec desktop computer.

Bargains of the month!

LaptopsDirect are offering refurbished Eee PCs for only £97.97 - a perfect reward for a hard-working student after exams. Remember, stock is always limited with items such as this, and at a great price you can’t expect these to last long!

>>> LaptopsDirect Eee PC deal

Maplin is offering discounted Asus Eee PC 901 models – only £229.99. This represents a saving of around £30-40, or almost 20% off standard prices.

>>> See this limited Maplin offer here

Curry’s have some great discount codes going, with rates of 5-10% off which can really make a difference when your buying new electricals.

Code: 100SAVE Offer: £100 off £1000 spend and over

Code: 70SAVE Offer: £70 off £700 spend and over

Code: 50SAVE Offer: £50 off £600 spend and over

Code: 30SAVE Offer: £30 off £500 spend and over

Code: 20SAVE Offer: £20 off £400 spend and over

Code: 15SAVE Offer: £15 off £300 spend and over

>>> All Curry’s codes above expire at 23:59 on Wednesday 17th June 2009


Last month we wrote about the 3 (Three) network and their new 15GB mobile broadband contract deal – an insane amount of data allowance for only £15 per month. That’s the same cost as competing networks 3GB allowance such as Vodafone and O2.

This month, 3 (Three) have introduced FREE Acer Aspire One’s on 15GB mobile broadband contracts for an amazing £22.50 per month, representing only £7.50 per month extra for the laptop. At that rate, you may as well buy the laptop bundle and then flog it to save even more money.

If you compare the rates of a mini laptop on contract as opposed to an expensive smartphone (typically £30+ per month) it’s an absolute bargain on its own. 15GB is plenty of data – perhaps more than your home broadband allowance!

Even against existing contracts on the 3 (Three) network it’s a bargain. The Acer Aspire One is available for £17.50 on a 15GB deal – so the difference of 14GB is only a fiver. That’s about 15p extra per day!

>>> See this incredible offer from 3!

The Power of Skype - free calls anyone?

You can use mobile broadband communications as an alternative to other technologies such as mobile phones, and it can save you money! Although mobile broadband is restricted by data allowance (the amount of internet usage), mobile phones are also restricted by the number of minutes and/or texts.

As the internet plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, using mobile broadband communications as your primary form of staying in touch whilst out and about – put the phone to one side and use your nimble netbook (some mobile broadband contracts even come with free texts!). One solution to the growing trend in mobile computing is Skype.

What is Skype?

Skype is a great way of taking advantage of the potential of mobile broadband communications. Skype is a little piece of free, downloadable software that allows users to make free skype-to-skype calls. What does this mean? Skype users, from Aberdeen to Zakynthos can call each other on their computers via the internet without paying – great for contacting people overseas who you’d otherwise have to shell out for expensive international calling rates – better than a Facebook message then?

VIDEO: How MacBooks are Made

The big selling point about the new Apple MacBook range is the aluminium unibody, cutting out extra weight and increasing durability. The MacBook also has a range of interesting features such as the glass LED-backlit display and glass keyboard. An interesting video for anyone whether they be into technology or not.

OLPC Update: A Laptop, a Child, a Dollar -- And a Promise

The South Carolina Department of Education and the non-profit Palmetto Project have teamed up to get a laptop in the hands of every elementary school student in South Carolina. Inspired by the vision behind the OLPC Initiative, educators, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and government officials started working together in 2005 to see if they could make this happen.

>>> Read the full article here

Last Laugh

Here’s a spoof by the Onion News Network about a ficticious ‘MacBook Wheel’

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading The Eee-zine!


1) News in Netbooks

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3) The end of the landline

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