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Samsung NC10

The Samsung NC10 is Samsung's low-key entry into the netbook fray. With so much competition, especially amongst the larger ten inch mini laptops such as the Asus Eee PC 1000 and the MSI Wind U100, what does Samsung with it's extensive existing mobile phone and laptop portfolio bring to the table?

Take It All With You.

Straight away the biggest noticeable difference is the storage space, a cracking 160GB, none of which is internet storage. It's double the storage of the MSI Wind, and 4 times the amount on the baseline Eee PC 1000 models. With this much built in storage you can take several movies and your entire music collection with you when you travel and still have space for writing the the next 'War and Peace'.

Storage aside, as is normal, it shares similar features to many other netbooks in the sector. A 10.2 inch screen anti-glare screen with 1024x600 resolution, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, integrated 1.3 megapixel camera, and bluetooth. A welcome addition to the out of the box experience is the 6-cell lithium battery promising up to 6 hours battery life and also not forgetting the 93% full size keyboard.

The keyboard and interface are interesting. Samsung have obviously had the brains to realize most people don’t have such super-thin fingers, and so have produced a keyboard that is pretty useable.

Samsung NC10 keyboard

They've made the keys proportional to their functionality, the letter keys being almost full size. The compromise is in the arrows, top line (F1, F10 etc.) and in the touchpad – the touchpad is indeed very small. In general the interface seems to be tailored for the writer on the move. However we should point out that while the keyboard is good Samsung could improve it by following HP's lead and using the full width of the netbook.

One OS to Rule Them All.

As far as operating system software goes Samsung have decided that, unlike the Eee PC and many of it's rivals, there is no demand for a Linux option, Windows XP is the only choice.

Although Windows pushes the price up it's a fact that most netbook users will probably be more comfortable with what they have on their desktop. It's not to say that the Linux options are bad, the're not but although most users share the core applications they use, internet, email, media etc.., everyone usually has one or two applications that are a bit more unique and if you need them on your netbook Windows is the way to go.

The Samsung NC10 on the whole looks far more serious than its rival Eee PC 1000 and MSI Wind. The curves and fluff give way to straight edges and the mighty Samsung logo.

Whilst not brutally ugly, the top is quite smart, I wouldn’t say the NC10 is a particularly attractive netbook. It does have some goods bits, like the “Sony VAIO-type” power button located on the side. Colour choices are pretty mundane with only the blue available outside of the normal white and black.


So far, the Samsung NC10 seems, possibly with the aesthetics aside, the best 10 inch mini laptop. It is without the keyboard and battery problems of other netbooks such as the MSI Wind and ticks all the boxes on the 'features a netbook should have' list. It's definitely the best featured and best value for money netbook at the present time.

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