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Is an HP Netbook a safe bet? HP (Hewlett Packard) is the largest computer and technology company in the world. In the last few years it has had yearly revenues averaging over $100 billion dollars a year!

It is the largest seller of personal computers in the world shifting more boxes than even Dell. The chances are that if you go in to any major high street store you will see rows and rows of offerings from HP including HP netbooks and HP notebook computers.

HP has a reputation for solid middle of the road performance when it comes to PC's and it seems to be sticking to the same line when it comes to it's mini laptops. In each case so far, at time of their release, HP Notebook computers have been reasonable performers but nothing that was ever going to set the sky alight.

The only stand out feature that HP have shown on their netbooks is the keyboards. On each netbook so far the keyboards have been far superior in comparison to their rivals. This is largley down to HP using the full width of the machine for the keyboard therefore allowing bigger keys in the same space. It's hardly rocket science but if you need a highly portable PC that will allow you to comfortably touch type then HP is the first choice.

If you want solid dependable performance and high quaility from the biggest brand in the world with a rock solid organisation that's still going to be around next year then HP mini laptops and HP notebook computers have to be on your shopping list.

HP Netbooks

HP Mini Note

The mini-note can be described as the tank of the mini laptop world. It's industrial type aluminium chassis packs in durability and meaning. It looks the part. It's firepower is its 92% full size keyboard, which makes full use of the space available.

Unfortunately, it's relatively slow thanks to the feeble Via C7-M processor and will run out of steam after a little over 2 hours since it has only a 3-cell battery.

HP Mini Note

HP Mini 1000

A procesor upgrade, even slimmer chassis and yet still retaining the great full width keyboard that makes typing a breeze. The Mini 1000 is much improved over it's predessesor but still has it's quirks with the touchpad buttons left and right of the touchpad and odd choices on physical connectors having been made.

If typing on the move is your main requirement then it's the best out there but unless that's the case then it's battery life and quirkyness push it down the list of choices.

HP Mini 1000

Reviews of HP Netbooks

HP Mini Note - HP's first Netbook. Solid and purposeful but compromised by it's inferior CPU and poor battery life.

HP Mini 1000 - A large improvement over the Mini Note. Much improved performance and the great keyboard makes it a practical and useable alternative to a full size laptop or notebook. Still issues with battery life though.

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