One Laptop Per Child is a charity, it depends on you to change childrens lives - just by Giving. Remember you're not just changing a childs life, you're opening up a whole new alley or oppurtunity through education.

Take a look at this video, Seymour Papert talking about how education can change the world.

One Laptop Per Child

You can donate a laptop through the One Laptop Per Child foundation, or alternatively take part in the 'Give One, Get One' scheme in which the buyer receives an XO laptop themselves as well as giving one to a child.

NOTE: This item is due to be released on January 15, 2009

Please remember when buying an XO laptop…

Whilst it is the cutting edge of technology, and the centre of collaboration from many people and companies in the Industry, it is designed to be very functional, rugged, cheap educational device for children. The XO laptop is not designed as a desktop replacement, or indeed a second laptop. It has a relatively small 7 inch screen, small keys and simplistic interface.

Please don’t forget that you’re buying TWO laptops – one is going to someone who really can make the most out of it. If you don’t feel comfortable with your own XO laptop, then pass it on to someone else, ideally, a child who will make use of it.

Our Vision for One Laptop Per Child is to participate in the "Give 100" scheme where we run fundraising with an aim to bulk buy XO laptops and have them delivered to children via the OLPC.

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XO laptop

The ‘Give Many’ program delivers many XO laptops to children all at once. ‘Give Many’ donors have the opportunity to participate in the development workshop, the worldwide OLPC community and provide on-line technical support and materials. Donors can specify a school of their choice, or can direct their donation to an existing OLPC program. To become a ‘Give Many’ donor, write to with your project timeline, and with details about the receiving school or group.

There are many ways other to contribute to the One Laptop Per Child Foundations work, not just financially. The official One Laptop Per Child website has details on where and how you can connect with local volunteers, work with the translation service, provide technical support, develop new software such as games and programs, or organize a local event.

Some thank you's from children with the XO laptop

Thank you

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