3 Mobile Broadband | Best value netbook contracts

The 3 mobile broadband network offers some outstanding deals for both mobile phones and laptops, with an Acer Aspire One being offered from £17.50 - that's almost half the rate of O2s smallest contract. In total, you save around £60 instead of buying the laptop and mobile broadband separately, that’s more than 3 months worth of your contract!

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible yet still be able to surf anywhere, anytime Three is you’re best bet.


Advantages of the 3 network: Best value deals, network "optimized" for internet and Skype calls

Disadvantages: Limited extras (instead, cheaper standard rates), slower speed than maximum of other networks)

Useful Links

3 Laptop Deals
- Acer Aspire One, £17.50 per month deal

Britains Biggest Data Allowance

The 3 (Three) Network offers the largest data allowance in the UK, a whopping 15GB per month – that’s 5 times the typical 3GB rate! Available for only £15 a month (apposed to the standard £10-ish for a lesser figure.)

What can I do with 15GB?

-- Send 15,000 emails

-- Surf for 150 hours

-- Download 75, 4 minute videos

-- Download 480, 4 minute music tracks

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