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15GB mobile broadband is here, with the 3 (Three) network offering 15GB on contract for £15 per month on a 24 month contract, or £20 per month on an 18 month contract. All in, your looking at a minimum £360 spend for 5 times the data allowance compared to other network providers for the same rate (after short introductory offers).

Not only is it good value, but you also can take advantage of a network “optimised for Skype” – the internet communications porthole. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bloomberg, eBay, Amazon and more are all within reach from your laptop wherever you are, and no more worries about going over your allowance and incurring hefty extra fees.

But that may all be numbers to you: -

What can I do with 15GB?

> Send 15,000 emails

Even the worlds fastest typers sending simply the alphabet over and over again would spend 3 days typing to max out their allowance. See this video:

Hit on YouTube: 1.72 seconds to type the entire alphabet!

> Surf for 150 hours

That's 6 and a quarter non-stop days of surfing online - outside of any wifi networks or cables. Total wireless mobile broadband!

> Download 75, 4 minute videos

That's 5 hours of video - enough to watch 3 feature length films in the middle of nowhere.

> Download 480, 4 minute music tracks

That's 32 hours of music, enough to keep you dancing all day, all night and if you're still awake - another 8 hours of downloads.

MBB_15GB_ZTE_for_£15_24m_at 3mobile

When you buy, you enter into a monthly contract, and you’ll also receive your FREE USB modem. This is how you receive internet access wherever you can get signal, think of it as a super-portable wireless router.

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