Mini Laptops and Mini Notebook Reviews
Finding The Best Netbook For You. provides you with reviews of mini laptops plus ratings and purchasing guidance on a wide range of netbook computers from leading brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, MSI, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

Our reviews are aimed at normal people who wish to know which netbooks will best fit their requirements without having to plough through page after page of 'techno-speak'. We focus on the practical benefits netbooks will provide and explain the features and merits of the different models in a way you can understand.

While the pricing of netbooks sees computing power on the move available at a lower price than ever before these machines are still a significant investment and you need to ensure that your money is spent wisely. aims to ensure you make the right decision with the minimum amount of your time required.

Why Do You Need Detailed Netbook Reviews?

At anyone time there are perhaps upwards of 50 different models of mini laptops available on the market. Many of these models come in a wide range of packages with different battery capacities, amounts of data storage, amounts of memory, screen sizes and keyboard styles not to mention different colors and performance.

Manufacturers and dealers alike often seem to be deliberately trying to fool the consumer by blinding you with a wide range of models at varying prices. If you were to look at almost any manufacturer's product web site it can be impossible to see a difference between many of their models but the differences are there and if you don't do your research the bargain you buy can all too often end up being an expensive mistake.

What are Mini Laptops?

Many of the manufacturers don't even agree on what a netbook (or mini laptop, or mini notebook) computer is.

We feel a netbook needs to satisfy the following conditions...

  • It needs to be light - Anything more than 3 pounds is too much.
  • It needs to be small - No more than 10.5 inches in width
  • It needs long lasting battery power - If you need to be tied to the electrical outlet then it's not really very portable, more than 4 hours should be the minimum time you get from a charge.

Notice that we don't mention price. Many people insist that mini laptops should be cheap and if more than a few hundred then it can't be a netbook. Sure, it would be great if they were all cheap and it's certainaly true that many models are cheap but that doesn't mean that highly speced models with lots of extra or innovative features should be as well.

How To Use This Site. provides you with a number of buying guides based on price points, functionality and features and of course there is our top ten guide as well.

For your part you will need to think about what your needs are and what are the most important features in a netbook for you. Price? Size? Battery Life? Is it going to have a hard life, in and out of a rucksack and inevitably getting good knock about? Is it going to be a working tool which you will be typing a lot on? Is it mainly a recreational device which you'll use for surfing the web and playing movies and music? Maybe looks and styling are important to you and you don't mind paying more for that exclusive look.

If you have an idea of which manufacturer or model you are looking for then select from the brands on the navigation menu on the left.

If you wish to see whats best on price or features then try our 'Best For You' section of the site where we will try to zoom in on what model will best suit your needs.

Finally, if you find this site helpful then please consider letting others know. This site is supported by advertising and how successful we are is all down to people like you spreading the word. You can do this by using the bookmark links at the foot of the page to add us to you favourite social networking sites.


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